I’ve been vacationing in Thailand and surrounding countries at least annually for the past 12 years. The people, sights and activities never cease to amaze me.  I finally decided to start this blog to capture more of my stories and experiences from my travels.  In the fall of 2011, I’m embarking on a longer-term visit to Southeast Asia, with the hopes of finding a way to live and work longterm in the area. Even if the longterm live/work thing doesn’t pan out, I’ll hopefully at least have some great experiences over the next few months to share here!  🙂

*** UPDATE Nov. 1, 2012 *** I have now made the big move to live in Bangkok!  While I don’t have a job lined up yet, I am excited to be here and make a go of it.  Regardless of what happens, I’ve committed to being here a minimum of a year (most likely longer), and it’ll definitely be an adventure!

*** UPDATE June 1, 2013 *** I am now officially employed and a working expat in Bangkok.  I am working for a European software company that has a regional office here, managing a project management team.

— Gary Schroeder

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